Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm A Jerk

I know.
Uh, so, Pressure! Wooo! Everyone loves it, right!

Honestly though I sort of slacked off there.

But I have two things to post.
First, the water system is refined. There is a universal rule in place for the spread of water throughout rooms. In addition, flooding will not pass through doorways; if a door is adjacent to a flooding room, it will lock. If you force it open, the other room will begin to flood.
In addition, there is the thing that prompted me to post right now.
This is probably the greatest feature of Pressure yet.
I figured, hey, what if there was something you were scared of? And to counteract that, what if there was something that was like a security blanket?
So now two random objects are selected at the beginning of the game. One will cause you to freak out, and the other will reassure you (Mechanically, it's a +1, -1 to your sanity, so it's not a huge impact).
However, these can be any two things in the game universe.
For example, I just ran a game where I was terrified of frozen fish, but as soon as I saw the Captain walk into the room, my troubles were over.

I will try to update more often than once every two months.


  1. can we get a new demo soon?

  2. Sure. Let me see how feasible it would be to throw on some rough graphics. I'm guessing that won't happen by the next demo, but you never know.
    If that isn't possible in a short timeframe, I'll release the next demo once the ocean surrounding the facility is completely mapped out.
    How long will this take? No idea. I'd estimate around 3 weeks or so though.

  3. cool thanks. last I played was the first demo which was a lot of fun :D