Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Update

Been traveling around recently and haven't worked much on Pressure. Put in a few new classes, one new disaster, and added the spawning system (So now you spawn as a random class). Unfortunately, the current AI system isn't very robust, and so the player is kind of a self-propelled robot at the moment. I've been meaning to add on to the system, but this is another reason. I'll remove the spawning system for the next demo, just for simplicity's sake.
Hope everyone had a happy holiday.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NPC Names

Finally figured out how to randomly name NPCs. Extracting information from tables is incredibly counter-intuitive, but I got around it. So, now all NPCs are defined by their class, but called a random first name (I have a table of 50 names that it selects from). I'll still need to write a rule so their name isn't printed as "An Alexander," but that's the easy part.

Currently, there are 4 NPCs and 3 random disasters implemented. I'll release another demo when I hit 8 NPCs or 8 disasters, whichever comes first.

Next up, I'll be working on filling in the NPCs and disasters, as well as making the escape pods usable (Which is a helpful thing when everything goes to hell!)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick Update on Fighting

So as I've been adding NPCs, it has also become necessary to enable betrayal. However, the standard engine only allows for friendly/not friendly interactions. That meant that if, say, giant crabs were attacking the station, and you decided to attack the engineer who was carrying the welding torch you needed, either the engineer and the crabs would suddenly become bestest buds, or you would find yourself with crab allies as the entire station turned against you.
So, I added a new faction to the system. Globally, there are now friendly/hostile/creature factions. Friendly will always hate hostile and creature, hostile will hate friendly and creature, and creature will hate friendly and hostile. This enables a more realistic display of in-fighting. The side effect of this is that now, attacking the engineer will only turn the engineer against you, and if a security guard happens by and sees the engineer retaliating, he'll attack the engineer. Should be fun.
Also, in line with the security guard, I'm tagging certain activities as "suspicious." Forcing a door, for example, will not be looked upon lightly by the rest of the crew, nor will romping about in the captain's cabin (Unless, of course, you're the captain; in which case you are free to romp to your heart's content).

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Good afternoon. Surprised to see an update?
Yes, I stopped working for a while. Space Station 13 was discovered, I got burnt out on the project, etc, etc. Lots of excuses, but whatever.
Then I decided hey, you know what? I really want to play Pressure.
So I'm starting to work on it again. I added a welding torch, which can be used to weld doors shut. Which, in an underwater station filled with things trying to hunt you down and kill you, is kind of handy.
I also realized that my previous idea for NPCs (Randomly assign jobs and whatnot at the beginning) was dumb and wouldn't work. Instead, NPC jobs will be fixed at the start, but names are randomly assigned. Much easier to add! Still working out how to implement routines, but I think I have a plan.