Saturday, September 17, 2011

Writers Needed

Hey everyone.
I don't suppose an apology would really cut it.
But rest assured, I'm committed to seeing this thing made. One thing keeps burning me out though: writing the dialogue.
And that's where you come in.
How the conversation system works is, each character has a default ask response, a default tell response, etc.; these are what they say when the player asks or tells or gives them something that they don't have a hard coded response for. In addition, they have specific responses to specific keywords; asking the Captain about the Belisarius provokes a specific line of dialogue.
Complicating this is a binary helpful/unhelpful system, where a character's response can vary depending on their mood, and certain questions or stimuli can change them to helpful or unhelpful. There is also a method by which a person's response can be varied from game to game, further increasing the dynamic nature of Pressure.
What I need is anybody who has any talent with writing whatsoever to write some dialogue. It could be a line or two, it could be an entire character. I just need some help. Meanwhile, I'll finish writing in the ocean and the method by which the horrifiying creatures of the deep can break in.
Hopefully, together, we can make this game see the light of day.