Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Roadmap to the Next Demo

Once these are completed, I'll release the next demo:
  • Map out ocean immediately surrounding Belisarius
    • Diving Suit √
    • Airlock
  • New Disasters
    • More visible
    • Requests of assistance
    • Larger Monsters
      • Kraken √
      • Hammerhead Whale √
Will update this when objectives are complete or if there are more sub-objectives I've forgotten.
EDIT: Just put together the scene seen in the traditional Pressure picture. Hammerhead whale smashes through the window. If you're in the room? Dead. Also, the Kraken has eight tentacles, each with an independent action. You may need a team if you want to fight it.


  1. i checked this site on a whim today, thinking, "yeah, it's probably dead"

    really glad to see that you're back!

  2. Good job so far, bro. Waiting for the next update with anticipation.
    Appreciate the work you put into this.