Sunday, December 12, 2010


Good afternoon. Surprised to see an update?
Yes, I stopped working for a while. Space Station 13 was discovered, I got burnt out on the project, etc, etc. Lots of excuses, but whatever.
Then I decided hey, you know what? I really want to play Pressure.
So I'm starting to work on it again. I added a welding torch, which can be used to weld doors shut. Which, in an underwater station filled with things trying to hunt you down and kill you, is kind of handy.
I also realized that my previous idea for NPCs (Randomly assign jobs and whatnot at the beginning) was dumb and wouldn't work. Instead, NPC jobs will be fixed at the start, but names are randomly assigned. Much easier to add! Still working out how to implement routines, but I think I have a plan.

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