Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update to first release (And a list of goals)

Worked on implementing the water system today. Currently, the water level values are in the game, but have no bearing on gameplay. My goal is to create some sort of rising water system which will gradually flood adjacent rooms. If an airlock door is next to a flooded room, it should (With power) automatically shut and lock. I also put in some tangible effect of the sanity system. Standing in the airlock will cause claustrophobia, and gradually decrease your sanity. During normal play, the player will hear and see things like the station creaking, or a rivulet of water. While insane, the player will hear screams and monster noises, and see things that aren't there (Or vice versa-they can miss objects). I also finished mapping out the station, but am no further in coding it in.

My goals for the Pressure Text Adventure:
-Random disasters. This is the most important part of Pressure.
-A decent AI system, with monsters and humans to take advantage of it.
-A system for handling water
-A sanity system

This Thursday I will release a small set of rooms showcasing the systems.

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