Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alpha Release

Rapidshare Link
You'll need an interpreter to play it.
Some notes:
-THIS IS BY NO MEANS REPRESENTATIVE OF THE FINAL PRODUCT. This is a demonstration of systems, displaying how electricity, time, floods, sanity, security clearance and combat will work.
-To power the flashlight, first open the flashlight, then put the battery in the flashlight, then close the flashlight. You can then switch the flashlight on and off (But the power will run out after an hour).
-In combat, you can attack, or concentrate. Your reactions are limited to dodging and parrying. To parry effectively, you have to have a weapon readied.
-Try pulling or pushing any loose pipes.


  1. cool idea so far, keep at it!

  2. I posted this in a thread on /v/.

    They seemed receptive of the idea.

    Good luck, Dr. Dinosaur!