Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Demo Soon

Hey everyone.
I'm having the map vectorized. After that's been all gussied up, I'll be releasing another demo.
Right now, there are only 6 NPCs and about 5 or 6 disasters. But, you'll be able to wander around the station and orient yourself before shit hits the fan.

This is very far in the future, but after the game is finished (read: playable) I'll look into adding in graphics. The screenshot above shows the general idea of what you can expect. Obviously it'll be different art, but the interface should be largely the same. Additionally, the graphical version would be separate from the regular one. The regular one should be playable on most computer-like devices, or anything with an interpreter (iphones, calculators, etc.) but the graphical version would largely be reserved for actual computers.

Obviously, graphics are still a long ways off. Sorry to get your hopes up, but isn't that what Pressure is about?


  1. i'd be happy to provide graphics once you need them